Fred Foldvary on the Crash of 2008

Foldvary's theory of the business cycle, 1991

I forecast a severe recession for 2008 in this 1997 paper:

"The Business Cycle: A Georgist-Austrian Synthesis." American Journal of Economics and Sociology 56 (4) (October 1997): 521-41.


Article published in 2001:

The Economy, Ursa Major, and 2008

Articles published in 2004:

Economic Forecast, 2004-2010

The Real Estate Bubble

August 2005

California’s Real Estate Bubble

January 2006

The Real-Estate Deceleration

I forecast the coming crash and recession at:

Seminar, Dept. of Economics, Santa Clara University. “A Synthesis of the Austrian-school and the Georgist Theories of the Business Cycle, and its Empirical Testing.” Oct. 9, 2006.

Economic Forecast 2008

May 2007

Lecture to the Real Estate Network, Santa Clara University

The Real Estate Cycle and the Depression of 2008

Booklet, The Depression of 2008,

published on paper, first ed. June 2007, 2nd ed. Sept. 2007

Published in the Internet in Sept. 2007:

“Why my Georgist Economics Predicts a Depression in 2008.” FreedomFest, Las Vegas, July 7, 2007. Available as a CD.

October 2007

The Recession of 2008

During and after the crash:

Spring 2008:

Real Estate and Recession A Peak in Land Values Can Predict the Next Downturn

Economic Forecast 2008

“The state’s complicity in the real estate crash.” Land and Liberty 114, no. 1220 (Winter 2007-8): 18-20.

December 2008

Why the Crash of 2008 Is Not a Market Failure

Video, interviews with Fred Foldvary regarding his prediction of a crash:

Feb. 2009

Why the Crash of 2008 was not a Market Failure

Lecture hosted by the Civil Society Institute, Santa Clara University